Top 20 Free Blog Posting Websites To Submit Your Blog And Increase Traffic.

Blog posting websites are a site which allows a user to write a post on their website as a guest. The blog posted is not directly submitted, it first verified by the admin of the website and if the article is according to the site guideline and without any plagiarism then only the article will be accepted.

Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

What is a Blog Post?

A blog post is a piece of writing that you publish on a blog.

Good blog posts usually achieve one of these goals, while the finest are both instructional and entertaining.

Blog postings can be in a variety of formats. They can resemble a journal entry in which the author jots down their thoughts on a certain subject.

It’s almost like you’re narrating a narrative. Lists can also be used in blog posts. They can also be written in sections, with an introduction, middle, and end.

Frequently, a blog post responds to a question posed by the audience. In this case, it’s best to give the best possible answer. This usually entails studying the subject, gathering material for the article (such as statistics, survey findings, test results, and so on), citing that information, and explaining what the information means to the reader and how they may utilize it.

It doesn’t have to be tough to start a blog. Consider how you can both entertain and educate your audience. Concentrate on long-term post creation.

As you generate more, you’ll gain a better understanding of what your audience enjoys. You’ll get better at all the little things, and you’ll eventually develop a fascinated audience that is hungry for the knowledge you’re offering.

Best free website where you can start your own blogging site.

What is a Guest Post?

The act of writing content for another company’s website is known as guest posting. Guest bloggers typically contribute to comparable blogs in their field in order to: Increase traffic to their own website.

Spending time producing articles for other sites (that you may even consider competitors) when you could be creating content for your own site may appear unproductive. However, the advantages that guest posting may provide for your SEO and sales goals can be enormous.

Here are a few benefits of guest posting for your website.

  • Introduce to new people.
  • Spread your brand.
  • Helps you to increase traffic to your site.
  • Creates free backlinks.

How To Submit Blog?

To make a blog submission, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Let’s get started and see how fast you can do it:

  1. Concentrate on your blog—Before uploading your blog, make sure it’s of good quality. Make sure your blog is one-of-a-kind and offers material that will attract customers. If you submit a badly written blog to the site, you will be able to do so, but the results will be less than ideal.
  2. Provide accurate information– When submitting your blog to blog submission sites, you will be asked to provide a few data about your blog. A description, blog title, email, homepage URL, and other details must be filled in.
  3. Validate the submission- Before submitting, most blog submission platforms will ask you to confirm the blog by sending a link to your email. Remember to click on that link; a few people neglect to do so, and the submission process is impacted as a result.

How to Write A Blog Post.

  • Step1: Decide what will be in the book.
  • Step2: Set a goal for everyday word count.
  • Step 3: Set time each day to focus on your novel.
  • Step 4: Every time, write in the same place.
  • Step 5: Set a total count of words.
  • Step 6: Give yourself weekly time limits.
  • Step 7: Take reviews first.
  • Step 8: Commitment to Distribution.
  • Step 9: Take in failures.
  • Step 10: Write one more novel.

For a detailed explanation on how to write a blog post, visit “How To Be A Writer, Just 10 Easy Steps For Beginners.”

Top 20 Free Blog Posting Websites.

1. Blog Hub.

Blog Hub.

It is an online community where all bloggers can submit their blogs for free.

2. Blog Flux.

Blog Flux

Many people choose this website since it has a good reputation for improving blog traffic. This website hosts over 150,000 blogs in a variety of areas, including education, fitness, health, travel, and more.

3. On Top List.

On Top List

It’s yet another great blog submission service. You may find a lot of technical information, company pages, and websites relevant to blogging on this site.

4. Blogarama.

This is the most well-known and oldest blog submission site. This is the most popular of the others; it was founded a decade ago and has over 100,000 registered users. Bloggers are ecstatic with the results they get from this platform.

5. Alltop.


Guy Kawasaki, a social media expert, founded this website. It is one of the most well-known blog submission sites because it helps your website gain more visibility and high-quality links. It covers a wide range of topics, including education, technology, marketing, fitness, and much more.

Whatever niche you write in, you’ll have no trouble finding a free topic to post on your blog. Make an effort to write headlines that grab people’s attention in order to increase the number of people that visit your blog. Pay less and receive more, for example, or limited offers, to name a few examples.

6. Blogging Fusion.

Blogging Fusion

Although it is a premium blog submission service, you can get a free account by submitting a link to their blog directory. It is a wonderful site to submit your blog because it is used by many individuals.

7. Blog Adda.

Blog Adda

In India, this blog directory is very popular. It offers a large network of bloggers to interact with, and they pick the best blog entries from editors every day to give you more visibility.


It is one of India’s largest blogger communities, and joining them can be extremely beneficial. This is a great blog submission site for Indians who want to submit their blogs for free.

Once you’ve signed up for Indiblogger, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of Indian bloggers that write on a variety of topics. You can also connect with them to increase the popularity of your website or blog.

9. Blog Engage.

This website has a large blog community, which explains why so many people enjoy it. The best aspect about this website is that it is used by many bloggers and marketers to promote their blog content.

10. Blog Listing.

This site is the fastest-growing blog submission site on the internet. You may submit your blog for free here, and the good news is that joining them will provide you a lot of visibility.

11. Boing Boing.

This is one of the sites with the greatest domain authority. It has a DA of 92, which is fantastic for submitting your website or blog. You will now be able to submit your blog to this site with the highest DA.

12. Blog

Another great place where you can add your blog for free is this one. This site is unusual in that it monitors your RSS feed and displays information when you update your blog with new content.

13. Blog Directory.

This is a fantastic free blog submission platform where you can post your blog, gain links, and boost the exposure of your material.

It displays the blogs under various blogs on a regular basis. On their website, you may access blogs in a variety of areas, such as real estate, computers, academia, and so on.

14. Blog Ville.

This website allows you to submit any blog because it has all the categories. It has a large customer base and is one of the fastest-growing websites. They manually check your site before adding it to their blog directory.

15. Blogs Collection.

It is a large blog directory that gathers all significant blog new content from around the world. This is an ancient blog submission site that has been around for over nine years.

16. Gain Web.

This website also serves as a human-edited blog submission service, where you can find a variety of high-quality websites from across the world.

Gain Web is a wonderful place to submit your site or blog because it has a high DA and no spam links or websites because it is human edited.

17. Cipinet Web Directory.

This website is one of the oldest markets, having been created in 2002. They offer both free and premium versions to their consumers, giving you the option to select the one that best suits your needs.

Even if you choose the basic version, which costs $35 one-time, you can add top-level domains and individual pages, and they will review and approve your site within 24 hours. If you select the free version, it may take a few days for your site to be approved.

18. Top Sites Web Directory.

Every major online directory resource on the internet lists this blog submission site. This site receives a lot of traffic and has a large customer base, therefore it may be able to assist you in obtaining the same.

Many bloggers have gained traffic to their websites as a result of this website, making their blogs and websites well-known.

19. Fuel My Blog.

It is free to submit a blog to this platform, and there are many bloggers who have registered, which can help your content achieve even more recognition.

You can also include your blog and an image if you want. This website also has a number of intriguing and instructive blogs to read.

20. Bloggernity.

This blog directory is popular among bloggers since it has a high submission DA and a dedicated forum where you can engage with other bloggers.

This increases the visibility of your website as well as the amount of traffic it receives.

For more such contents, visit – “Writing and Speaking.”

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